Pretty in Pink

I know this has nothing to do with IP law, but I thought it was an interesting story….

A federal judge just dismissed a case regarding the South Carolina prison system’s policy of requiring inmates caught engaging in sexual acts, including masturbation, to wear a pink jumpsuit.

pink-prison-jumpsuit*Not the actual jumpsuit

The Complainant claimed that the pink jumpsuits place the inmates’ lives and physical well-being in danger. In response, State Corrections Department Director Jon Ozmint said the punishment deters inmates and protects female officers.

Ozmint also said, “We don’t believe the United States Constitution protects an inmate’s right to publicly gratify himself.” I thought this was an interesting statement. An inmate has no privacy, and therefore has no choice but to do ‘the act’ publicly. Also, does a person have a fundamental right to gratify himself? I bet all of the Justices do it.


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