Nike Swooshes Walmart to Court

Walmart, the knockoff king of the world, has Nike running to the courts. Walmart makes it a practice to appropriate the designs of others and sell them at a lower quality for a lower price. In Walmart v. Samara Brothers, the megastore got away with copying Samara Brothers’ clothing because of the reluctance of IP law to protect fashion designs.

Walmart may not be so lucky in this case because Nike’s claims involve a possible patent infringement of its Nike Shox shoes. According to Nike, Walmart infringed on two of its 2004 patents for a spring coil-like design in the heals of its athletic shoes.Nike Walmart Shoes

This lawsuit comes just two months after Walmart settled with Adidas over an infringing triple striped shoe. Looks like Walmart’s evil business practices are finally catching up to it.

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