Food Fight!

Now I have never had the privilege of eating a Sprinkles cupcake, but I have heard from my SoCal friends that they are mighty good. Apparently their signature is a circle on circle image that they use on their cupcakes, packaging, website, and in their store.


Like any smart business, they filed for a federal trademark in 2005 and received a registration in 2007.
Sprinkles Cupcake Trademark

In August, Sprinkles filed suit against their arch nemesis, Famous Cupcakes, alleging it’s use of a dot motif on its cupcakes, packaging, and website infringes Sprinkles’ trademark.

famous-cupcakesAs a consumer of cupcakes, though not yet Sprinkles or Famous cupcakes, if I looked at Famous’ sign and Sprinkles’ cupcakes, I would think they were from the same source. Sound like some type of yummy confusion to me!

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