Caution: Exams Approaching

First of all, I am so excited that I got 9 views yesterday. Now just multiply that by 50 and I will have a real blog on my hands. 🙂

Sorry for my sarcasm, but I am at the point of the semester where I get stressed and cranky. I am over half way through and can see my final exams looming on the horizon. At this point, I start remembering I am not as smart as I once thought, I have reading to catch up on, and I haven’t done as much “extra” work as I had originally planned.

That is the best part about law school: you are expected to go beyond the reading assignments and read the cases referred to in the cases, complete hypos from the Examples & Explanation books, talk to the professor, and work in study groups. If you hate the reading topic, too bad. Be prepared to read some more and talk about it up to and after class.

Anyone else stressed and need to vent? Anyone else even out there?

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